BenchErl is a scalability benchmark suite for applications written in Erlang, using the Erlang/OTP system in particular. The benchmark suite aims to assess scalability and shows how an application’s performance changes when additional resources (e.g. CPU cores, schedulers, etc.) are added.

Dialyzer (a DIscrepancy AnalYZer for ERlang programs) is a widely used static analysis tool that identifies bugs and other software discrepancies in Erlang programs. As part of the RELEASE project, Dialyzer's analyses have been parallelized so as to be effective in multicore machines. The parallel version of Dialyzer has been included in Erlang/OTP starting with R15B02 (September 2012).

Percept2 is an Erlang concurrency profiler tool which utilizes trace informations and profiler events to visualize application level concurrency and identify concurrency bottlenecks.

ErLLVM is an experimental extension of Erlang/OTP which aims at providing multiple back ends for HiPE, the native code compiler of Erlang/OTP, with the use of the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) infrastructure. Currently, ErLLVM supports the AMD64 and x86 architectures.

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