RELEASE is an EU FP7 STREP (287510) project that aims to scale the radical concurrency-oriented programming paradigm to build reliable general-purpose software, such as server-based systems, on massively parallel machines. The trend-setting language we will use is Erlang/OTP which has concurrency and robustness designed in. Currently Erlang/OTP has inherently scalable computation and reliability models, but in practice scalability is constrained by aspects of the language and virtual machine. Moreover existing profiling and debugging tools don't scale.

The RELEASE consortium is uniquely qualified to tackle these challenges and we propose to work at following levels:

 Evolving the Erlang virtual machine so that it can work effectively on large scale multicore systems.

 Evolving the language to Scalable Distributed (SD) Erlang, and adapting the OTP framework to provide both constructs like locality control, and reusable coordination patterns to allow SD Erlang to effectively describe computations on large platforms, while preserving performance portability.

 Developing a scalable Erlang infrastructure to integrate multiple, heterogeneous clusters.

 Designing tools to enable programmers to:
  • profile
  • visualize
  • refactor
  • debug SD Erlang systems


This research project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 287510. 

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